Miner Island Paradise

This web site will give you information about:
The island of St. Croix
and The Miner Family.
We hope you enjoy.

What's New:

  • Picture Of The Week. Check it out!
  • - After 8 long years I have finally returned to make some updates to the site. I was finally shamed into paying attention when the our web host notified me that the site would stop functioning soon if I didn't update some application code to current versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • - The gallery has been updated to v3.0.2
  • - Take a look at our New and Improved Picture Gallery. It includes some great new features like:
    • Grouping by category
    • Full featured search by key word or phrase
    • Slide Show with user customizable effects
    • User login for customizing your own settings
      (Contact me if you would like to be set up as a user)
    • Users can upload pictures to new and existing albums right over the web

  • - Matt has finished the redesign of Business Bytes site. Check it out!






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