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Matt Miner

You may have guessed it, I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer (see, there I am ==>). Most of you think that's strange. You're probably right. I know Cindi agrees with you. But I like it. I find it is a great tool for self teaching. I have had a great time learning about web design. I like to find ways to make the computer help with the everyday tasks that we all do, at work or at home, that aren't much fun, but have to be done. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I figure out a new technique. Most of the people I have worked for over the past ten years have really enjoyed and benefited from my obsession with the computer. Anyway, enough of that. Other stuff I find interesting. I love to walk in the woods. It calms my soul and gives me energy. I think the plants and trees really reach out if you are receptive to them. If anybody is interested, ask me and I'll share some of my religious philosophies with you, but I certainly won't traumatize you all, sans an invitation. I like to read. Mostly science fiction, science fantasy, or about mystic or alternative religions. I like Piers Anthony, especially his Xanth series. Robert Heinlein is good too. I do read some Steven King as well. Frisbee and hacky sack are cool. I don't get to play either much lately. Motorcycles are fun. Cindi had a scooter and every once in a while I would take it to the store or something, but that's just not the same, no power to weight ratio there. I have been working on my swimming skills here on the island. When I was little, my Mom took me for swimming lessons. They were at the end of the "world famous" Brookfield Floating Bridge. Talk about cold. Even on the hottest day in the middle of the three days of summer you get there, I don't think the water temperature ever exceeded 45°F! I guess I did complete the program and got the basics (doggy paddle) down, although I really don't remember ever feeling successful at it. Up to this point in my life I have been afraid of the water. But I decided to do something about that here. The water here is relatively high salt content, making it easy for even the worst of rocks like me to float. I invested in a snorkel and what a blast. I wouldn't enter any swimming competitions yet, but at least I am starting to feel comfortable in the water. Next step will be SCUBA lessons. There is a great dive company called SCUBA (St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures), here in Christiansted. I think it will be a lot of fun. Maybe then I can start doing some underwater photography.

Sales Pitch

Like my work? Have any idea what my work is? Well, if you are interested or want to know more, here is my CONDENSED RESUME in Word (44Kb) and PDF (75Kb) formats. If you would like the full version and references, contact me. You can also visit Business Bytes my computer services business web site for more information. Or you can just contact me.

How we got here --

(This is OLD, posted September 2001)

Things have certainly changed a lot for myself and the family over the past couple years. When Cindi and I decided it was time to make a change last July (2000), a lot of people thought we were nuts. We decided it was time for a new house, a new neighborhood, a new job for me, and with all that change, why not a new climate too. With just a few weeks of research we decided on Houston Texas as a new destination. The transition was a major one, after 10 years in Glens Falls NY, 5 years in one house, 3 years working at Americlean. We sold and gave away a lot of our stuff, packed only the most important things in a U-Haul trailer and headed south on July 30th, 2000. It was 115°F when we arrived in Houston. Cindi quickly found employment, we found an apartment and after about a month of job search, I found a job with Westwood College. We spent ten months in Houston, and then I went nuts. After having made such a dramatic change to leave NY, It wasn't so scary to think about doing it again, and I was just not satisfied with Westwood. After a couple of other job opportunities, one in Houston and one in Denver CO, failed to pan out, then I really lost it. Of course my brother Mike helped provide some catalyst. We decided it was time to do what we had been talking about for the past two years. "Let's move to a tropical island". We decided on the US Virgin Islands. We did some research on the three islands, but were not certain which would be best, so it was time to go and check them out. After liquidating virtually everything we owned in Houston, we drove to New York, tied up some loose ends, and prepared to strike out for the Islands. Cindi, Kiersten, Aston, Taylor and I boarded a plane for San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 15, 2001. Upon arriving in San Juan, we took a commuter flight, "puddle jumper" Cindi called it, for St. Thomas, USVI. We spent the next week touring St. Thomas and St. John. St. Thomas was too filthy, St. John was beautiful, but very expensive with little employment opportunity. So, we headed south to St. Croix. This was it! We knew right away this was the best of the three for us. So we found a house to rent in Christiansted and started settling in. Mike arrived on July 6, 2001. Cindi found a job at Rum Runners restaurant and here we are.

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