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Jun 24, 2011 Site Medium After 8 long years I have finally returned to make some updates to the site. I was finally shamed into paying attention when the our web host notified me that the site would stop functioning soon if I didn't update some application code to current versions of PHP and MySQL.

Jun 24, 2011 Site Medium The gallery has been updated to v3.0.2

Jan 13, 2003 Family Medium Ok, So my computer has been fixed, sort of. New mother board and complete reformat of my hard drive, meaning I have to reinstall everthing, grrr. That was compliments of Bill Gates and Windows XP under the guise of "software security". Anybody else out there hate Microsoft? However, I am still in Vermont (cold and buried in snow) so I am not doing much website updating, but will try to at least once a month.

Nov 6, 2002 Family Highest Happy 15th Birthday Aston!!

Oct 17, 2002 Family Highest OK - So you may have noticed there have been no news items for a while. My computer pooped out on me. I had to come all the way to Chelsea, VT to use Uncle Mike's computer just so I could update the site. It's so nice here, I think I'll stay the whole winter. Did I mention I brought the kids and Tiger with me, too. If you want the whole involved story, send us e-mail.

Oct 16, 2002 Pets Highest A Fond Fairwell to one we loved very much

Oct 8, 2002 Work Medium The owners of RumRunners have opened a new restaurant called Tannins. It is open evenings and serves appetizers and drinks. Cindi worked there last night and will probably be filling in a few shifts there.

Oct 4, 2002 Family Medium Happy 34th birthday Matt

Oct 4, 2002 Site High The overwhelming winning response to our first user survey question "What part of the site is most important to you?" (Six whole votes!!) was News Items. Thanks to all six of you who voted. We will keep those news items coming. Don't worry, the one of you who voted for pictures will not be left behind. We'll still keep the pictures coming too!

Oct 1, 2002 Site Medium The October Newsletter has gone out. If you subscribed but did not receive it, please let us know. If you didn't subscribe and did not receive it, well, we warned you. Don't worry, you can still subscribe for the future and see this month's here.

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